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“Map Whiteboard Cloud Solution for Collaborative Editing of Geographic Information” has been published

Despite active work in the practical implementation of projects, the BOSC team also participates in the development of science. Together with partners from Wirlessinfo, Asplan Viak, Lesprojekt-sluzby, the Forest Management Institute and the Czech Center of Science and Society, an article “Map Whiteboard Cloud Solution for Collaborative Editing of Geographic Information” has been published.

This paper introduce readers with potential of cloud connectivity in geographical information systems and discover the concept of the developed Map Whiteboard, which allows you to create a shared user interface where multiple parties collaboratively can develop maps and map data while seeing each other work in realtime.

The full paper is available here.

The article is part of a PoliRural project. More information:

PoliRural model builder

During PoliRural project BOSC created model building application which can be used to create charts of problem trees, assign the tree nodes to objects in map and use semantic explorer (semex) to search for text sources for each tree node. This builder helps to illustrate the causes and interconnections of different problems in a user-friendly way.

PoliRural is a research and innovation project designed to advance rural policy development in the age of disruptive data and technologies in order to deliver a trusted, scalable and transferable solution for policy co-creation. It brings together decision makers, experts and rural inhabitants using advanced policy simulation tools to better understand and tackle regional challenges, ultimately making rural areas and professions more attractive and liveable for established populations and recent or potential newcomers.

SmartAgriHubs groundwater experiment

Agriculture requires the collection, storage, sharing and analysis of large quantities of spatially referenced data. Management of huge amounts of data is a challenge. The aim of the Ground Water and Meteo sensors experimentation is to develop a Web based system for integration, transformation and utilization of large quantities of data and models for agrometeorological and groundwater measurement. The technology will provide insights on precise climate conditions and vegetation status. This information will be used to give recommendations for fertiliser application during the season and to plan other necessary interventions.

BOSC team take a part in this experiment and here is result.

SmartHoney project progress

Researches performed in framework of SmartHoney is focused on creation of WSN based system for comprehensive real time bee family monitoring inside and outside of hive.


FATIMA kick off

BOSC successfully participated in neogation of new project called FATIMA: FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water Management.

This effort was finished successfully by kick off meeting in Lisboa, Portugal.

Overall goal and vision:
To establish innovative and new farm tools and service capacities that help the intensive farm sector optimize its external input management (nutrients and water) and productivity, with the vision of bridging sustainable crop production with fair economic competitiveness.