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HSLayers-NG implementation

BOSC is member of development team of new version of HSLayers. This software is used in several projects across europe.Next generation will be mainly focused on modern design including mobile version.

BOSC is being represented by Raitis Berzins and Premysl Vohnout. First application is Eurostat data viewer which will be presented at Open Data Hackathon which will be part of ISAF2014 conference

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Open Data Hackathon @ ISAF2014

Please pay attention on section Open Data Hackathon at ISAF2014 webpages.

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ISAF2014 co-organization

BOSC proudly co-organizating ISAF2014 conference.

Conference topics:

  • Open Data for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural development
  • Precision farming and precision forestry issues
  • Sensors technologies
  • ICT for Agriculture Sustainability
  • Land use, Land cover and rural planning
  • Farming on Cloud
  • Space technologies for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development
  • Environmental risk management
  • Innovation and transfer of technologies
  • International cooperation

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SDI4Apps kickoff meeting

Our expert team consisting of Kaspars Skalbergs, Premysl Vohnout, Maris Alberts and Raitis Berzins will provide their knowledge and experiences in the SDI4Apps project. We will mainly provide expertise on field of sensor technology and web application development

This project is great opportunity to extend our knowledge of web technology mainly in cloud enviroment.

Kickoff meeting of this project was held on Sicily in days 15 and 16 April.

Compotte – offline client for European Regional Risk Portal

BOSC developed offline client for PPRD East project which is used as desktop solution for web portal.

QGis plugin Compotte is used for downloading layers from GeoServer using WFS in shapefile format. Downloaded layers is added to QGIS project directly with style from GeoServer

Compotte screenshot
How it works ?
Compotte is working that way that it is downloading shapefile layer through WFS. Shapefile usually contains 3 or more files but GeoServer allows to download one comprimated ZIP file. This ZIP file can be then added to QGIS. QGIS then take care of decompressing and processing of that file. Compotte then recognized all available styles for user which are available. If there are more available for one layer user then can select which one he wants to use.